Signing Off

To all of our loyal customers – have a safe and happy holiday season. After 15 years, our end is here.  It’s been a good ride. If you enjoy the images, be sure to follow me on Instagram ( @martinjimages ). I emphasize “follow” because I will be turning it back to private sometime after the first of the year. Once it’s private, if you aren’t following, you’ll be out of luck.

Thank you again for your support!

Marty (and Patricia)

Nearing an End

We’ll still be around until the end of the year in case there are back orders, returns, questions, or what not, but as of this evening we aren’t taking any more orders. If you’re waiting on an order, no worries – we know we’re not done yet. At some point we’ll post an official goodbye, but we’re still plenty busy right now.