Archive | August 2015

Shades of Black

We posted this before on our social media but we get asked this so often, it bears repeating. We often get asked the difference between black (or Jet, or Fantasy Black) and off-black (or Barely Black). Here are two photos taken minutes apart with the same model (Lydia, BTW). The first is a photo of Berkshire Fantasy Black stockings. It could just as well be pantyhose or thigh highs. The second photo is of Off Black stockings. Of course, color will vary due to your skin color and also whether you’re wearing sheer (shown here) or ultra sheer (all-nylon) hosiery. Well there you go!

Planning Ahead

We have a lot of work to do going forward. This site will be the platform for both Little Pink Dress Vintage, and eventually Brabarella Lingerie. It will also combine many of our other interests and endeavors. This page here will be our main blog and will link to our shopping pages as well as photo galleries and social media. We have been slow in keeping up with the times. If you use your smart phone or tablet and try to access our current Brabarella page, you’ll see what we mean. Pages don’t adjust to the device and you’re forced to enlarge each page. We are switching to a WordPress – based web site rather than trying to keep up in DIY/Dreamweaver fashion. It will take time, so bear with us. In the meantime, Brabarella will remain the same, probably for the next 12-16 months, at which point most or all of it’s content will be incorporated here.