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Rifle Falls, Colorado

Dave Gill, a great photographer and friend of ours sent along some beautiful photos of Rifle Falls in Colorado. Such an enchanting place! Thank you Dave! Dave reports that Colorado also has a wine industry, which we weren’t aware of. Marty and I are planning a coast to coast road trip in two years, so we’ll definitely want to visit Colorado. Please check out Dave’s work:
Dave Gill Photography

Flower Bali

Bali routinely introduces new bra styles and at the same time discontinues styles after relatively short runs. However, there are a few styles that have endured for years, even decades. One of them is shown here – the Flower Bali. Two other long-running Bali bras are the Lace ‘n Smooth and the Double Support. By the way, Bali is a part of Hanesbrands. Also falling under Hanesbrands is Playtex, Maidenform, Flexees, Hanes Hosiery, DKNY, Lilyette, Leggs, and JMS. Just thought you’d like to know. You can order your Bali products here on Little Pink Dress, or on our sister site, Brabarella Lingerie.

Rainy Sunday

We got a lot of work done in our garden yesterday – mostly planted seeds – Morning Glory, Lupines, herbs, pumpkins, beets, sweet peas, pole beans, etc. Also went to Sprout Farms in Cotuit and bought a half-dozen tomato and a couple of pepper plants. Marty got them in before the rain. Still have much more to buy. Also fit in a quick wine tasting in Cotuit. It rained last night and is raining on and off today. We did manage to get Bob out for a walk though.

Friday, May 20th 2016


Well today WOULD qualify as swimsuit weather (near 70), although I’m sure the water is still a little cool. Rain and wind are predicted to move in tomorrow evening and throughout Sunday, so we’ll need to get the yard work done quickly. Memorial Day weekend is just a week away! Have a great weekend!

Playtex 18 Hour Girdles


The 18-Hour girdle was Playtex’s last generation of rubber girdles and was made with a much sturdier rubber blend called Spanette. It was introduced about 1967 and was widely advertised in print and on television during the late 60’s and into the 70’s. Actress Jane Russell was a spokesperson for many years for both the bra and the girdle. The brief is shown here. Spanette is actually still used in the classic 18 Hour Bra. The entire girdle line is long gone. The girdles were actually quite comfortable. However, despite the tiny air holes, they could get very warm. The material was also rather dense and heavy. It wasn’t something you’d want to wear in the hot summer sun. Ironically, they also made a swimsuit line out of the same fabric.

Sunny and 65!!!

We’re finally getting some beautiful weather here on Cape Cod – low 60’s yesteryear, mid-60’s today.
Not quite beach weather but a definite gardening day!