Saturday, April 14, 2018

Today was the first really nice weekend day this year. We finally got outside and did some garden cleanup. There is a lot yet to do. We also planted some ferns, hostas, rhubarb, thistle, and two grape shrubs. As for the photo – another vintage nightie that will be listed at some point soon.

Peignoir Robe

As I’ve pointed out many times before, these peignoir robes minus the chemise, negligee, or babydoll are readily found not only here on our Little Pink Dress site, but also on places such as Ebay. It would make sense that the inner garment got most of the wear and eventually wore out, while the thin “robe” was seldom used. They can create a naughty sexy look today though, when combined with modern bra and undies, or a bodysuit underneath (neither of which is shown here though). Some can even pass as a swimsuit coverup.

Vintage Peignoir Robe

Vintage peignoir robe. Normally it would have come with a nightgown underneath. Typically, the gown got a lot of use, the robe, not so much. Thus, complete sets can be difficult to find. Shown here with a Playtex “I Can’t Believe it’s a Girdle” body briefer underneath. This particular robe was sold, but we do have others in our vintage section.

Next Week’s Valentines Day!

We got an unexpected half a foot of snow yesterday afternoon and evening. They had called for 1-3 inches. It was a good evening to stay in and watch some old Perry Mason. We’ve been watching from season one starting last fall. We’re on season eight now (year 1965). It lasted for nine seasons, so we’re sadly nearing the end.
Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s not too late to order and have it delivered by the end of the week (provided it’s a U.S. destination). Here’s one idea – the Arianne Stacy Teddy