Up and Running Again

Well, we lost power for 28 hours this time. It just came on. About half the Cape is still dark. We managed to survive on candles, trips to the nearby hospital dining room, and some Manhattans to keep us warm. The clanging of our steam radiators sounds comforting for once.

And Again

Another winter storm is headed this way tonight. We’re supposed to get anywhere from 6-18″. We’ll see. The last nor’easter produced all rain and winds as high as 93 mph. Along with the snow, this latest storm could have winds up to 60 mph. At least we had a mild Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here on Cape Cod.

Shown – preview – vintage 60’s psychedelic tunic/mini dress.

Aftermath of the Storm

It was quite the wild weekend here on Cape Cod. We only lost our power at home for 25 hours but it seemed like an eternity. It really makes one appreciate the things we usually take for granted. We’re still without power at our office. It’s a lower priority for the power company (and we fully understand) because it’s a downed wire from a pole to the building, rather than part of the grid. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon. We can still function – package by daylight and do our computer-related work from home. Spring is less than three weeks away!

Shipping Increase

Due to an increase in the cost of shipping, we have had to increase our shipping costs for international customers (Canada excluded). Our rates are still very reasonable, and of course our prices are the best around. Domestic shipping costs (and Canada) remain the same. For U.S. customers, it’s $3.85 for orders up to $29.99. Above that, shipping is free. Simple as that! We apologize for the increase and hope that the somewhat naughty photo will make up for the bad news.

January 7th, 2018

A little less cold today. It’s still heavy coat weather here on Cape Cod though. We’re looking forward to highs in the low 40’s this week.

Wild Weather Day

Not much snow here on Cape Cod today, but a lot of rain and windy. The temperatures will be dropping to near record lows this weekend. Brrrr!!!!!!