Moving Finds

You find all sorts of things when you’re moving. Stuff that you thought was long lost, and things that you didn’t think you still had remaining – in this particular case a bunch of Hanes Chevron Pantyhose which were in a box with fishnets. The picture is from 2008. We love our new space, but it’s a lot of work moving and running the business at the same time.

Peignoir Robe

As I’ve pointed out many times before, these peignoir robes minus the chemise, negligee, or babydoll are readily found not only here on our Little Pink Dress site, but also on places such as Ebay. It would make sense that the inner garment got most of the wear and eventually wore out, while the thin “robe” was seldom used. They can create a naughty sexy look today though, when combined with modern bra and undies, or a bodysuit underneath (neither of which is shown here though). Some can even pass as a swimsuit coverup.

Happy New Year

It was a nice New Year’s Eve. We had about a dozen family and friends over for a little soiree – late afternoon early evening. Finished by 9:00, then we watched a couple of Twilight Zone episodes and went to bed at 10:00 pm.

On Tuesday, we’re moving the business to a better space (also a little bigger) space down and across  the hall from our current office. It’s also inventory time, so we’ll be very busy for a while. There shouldn’t be any delays in processing orders though.

Looking Ahead

Here’s to not looking back on 2016 but rather looking ahead to 2017. We hope you all have a happy and safe weekend. Cheers! (shown – 3 piece late 60’s Vanity Fair ensemble – the bra was not modeled as it was too small)

Merry Christmas

May Christmas work for you….have a merry one, or survive it – whatever the circumstance. Just try to remember it can be a very stressful or sad holiday for many people for various reasons – the first Christmas without a loved one, financial or employment difficulties, family discord, illness, injury, loneliness………. thinking of you all…….