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Playtex 18 Hour Girdles


The 18-Hour girdle was Playtex’s last generation of rubber girdles and was made with a much sturdier rubber blend called Spanette. It was introduced about 1967 and was widely advertised in print and on television during the late 60’s and into the 70’s. Actress Jane Russell was a spokesperson for many years for both the bra and the girdle. The brief is shown here. Spanette is actually still used in the classic 18 Hour Bra. The entire girdle line is long gone. The girdles were actually quite comfortable. However, despite the tiny air holes, they could get very warm. The material was also rather dense and heavy. It wasn’t something you’d want to wear in the hot summer sun. Ironically, they also made a swimsuit line out of the same fabric.

Vintage Peignoir Robe

Vintage peignoir robe. Normally it would have come with a nightgown underneath. Typically, the gown got a lot of use, the robe, not so much. Thus, complete sets can be difficult to find. Shown here with a Playtex “I Can’t Believe it’s a Girdle” body briefer underneath. This particular robe was sold, but we do have others in our vintage section.