Vintage Orange Maid Scooter Dress

Our Price: $16.00

“A new one if it fades” according to the label. Screen-printed 100% cotton dress, the fabric design that looks like the inspiration for many contemporary surface pattern designers. Dusky plastic purple buttons, roomy patch pockets, full skirt. Leona, our home’s previous owner must have been petite as this is another one she’s hemmed. It must have been a favorite as it is well worn but the fabric is still in good shape and it’s a testament to the fade guarantee. The belt is discolored and could use a good soaking. If you let down the hem, likewise you’ll need to touch up along the crease.

Size: 14

Underarm: 33-34″
Waist: 28″
Belt: 33″

Hips: Full
Length: 36″, with 4″ to let down if needed.

Flaws: Well loved dress could use a good soak in diluted vinegar and salt, dry in the sunshine. It needs loving again.